FAQs for the Application and Move-In Process

  1. How do I apply for a private room or shared room with Katie’s House Foundation?
  1. Does Katie’s House Foundation offer a free housing application and what is included for free?
  • Yes, your application is reviewed by a licensed agent, and a short phone interview is conducted. Also, the agent can show you the house photos online or in person and will review your verification documents once you send them over.
  1. If I like the house and the location works for me, what is the next step?
  • You pay about $42 for the background check and you’ll get an email from the background company within a day or two - to process that.
  • If a social worker or police officer can verify your identity, you may not need an ID or background check, as this would be conducted by social services.
  1. After I pay for the background check, or after my case manager vets me, what is the next step?
  • You’ll receive an email to send over a valid photo ID and verification of income to cover 30 days of rent and utilities. If your case manager is paying for you, the email will be sent to them and you will be included on the email.
  • If a social worker or police officer can verify your identity, you may not need an ID or background check, as this would be conducted by social services.
  1. What documents do I need to provide to verify my identity and income?
  • A valid photo ID and verification of income to cover 30 days of rent and utilities.
  1. What if I have bad credit?
  • That’s fine. We don’t pull your credit report (unless you ask for a long-term lease without a sponsor.)
  1. What happens after the background check?
  • After the the verification documents are approved, the resident will be asked to sign the house agreements and pay for the move-in costs at www.katieshousefoundation.org under the Products & Services area, or via an invoice to their case manager.
  1. How much does it cost to live at a Katie’s House?
  • It’s usually a $100 refundable deposit plus your first week’s rent and your monthly utility share which could be as low as $150 per week depending on where the house is located. You can also pay by the month. Be sure to ask your licensed agent how much the bed rent or room rent is for your location, and the monthly utility share.
  1. How long does it take to get into housing from the time that I fill out the application?
  • About 5 to 7 business days unless your case manager has an existing relationship with Katie’s House Foundation and they send verification information quickly.
  1. What can I bring with me?
  • Important documents, personal care items like shampoo, clothes for 7-10 days, and a few pairs of shoes. Prescriptions, some money, and your electronics.
  1. What can’t I bring with me?
  • Furniture (until after you see the space allotment), personal heaters or fire hazards, non-prescription alcohol or drugs, weapons, or anything known to carry bugs.
  1. Who oversees the house once I move in and are there support services?
  • There is a house president and a licensed agent assigned to each house to oversee things. You’ll need to have your own transportation or use the bus line and Google to obtain outside support services which are usually plentiful in the area.
  • Financial literacy classes are offered for free when you live at a Katie’s House so you can learn how to increase your income, get a car or go to school, build or fix your credit, and work toward purchasing your own home in a few years.
  1. What happens if someone else does not pay their share of rent and utilities?
  • If someone does not follow the house agreements or pay their share of rent and utilities on time without some type of communication to the foundation, they are provided a 7-day notice. After 7 days their items are removed and their security codes are changed.
  1. Does Katie’s House offer a long-term lease?
  • If you have good credit, two years on the job, and make 3x the rent – or you have a grant that pays for you, you may qualify for a standard long-term lease under one of our LLCs or the Foundation.
  • If you do not meet those qualifications yet – you would fall under the §2036 Federal Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, Public Law 100-690, as amended, and housing laws related to nonprofit halfway house shelters. 
  1. Who is not able to stay at a Katie’s House?
  • We are unable to house anyone with violent crimes, sexual misconduct, arson, or housing as a condition of parole.
  1. Why would I want to stay at a Katie’s House location?

There are several reasons:

  • It’s much easier to get into one of our houses than a standard apartment, it’s less expensive than an Airbnb or hotel, and it’s nicer and safer than a public shelter or hospital.
  • Usually, the house is on a nice street and there is a yard, pets may be allowed and children may be able to stay with their parents or guardians in the same room for privacy.
  • We also offer financial literacy classes so residents may obtain documents, education, employment, and build credit, to eventually transition out with confidence, and into their own permanent housing when they are ready.
  • In our housing agreement (not lease), you may stay for a week or up to two years. Feel free to leave at any time. We appreciate a 7-day courtesy notice.
  1. How many people are going to live in the house with me?
  • Usually there are 1 to 2 people in each bedroom, who all have a similar agreement and are focused on improving their lives and appreciate living in away from the previous environments they might have been experiencing.

If you have applied for housing, please allow 5-7 business days for everything to process and keep an eye on your email and phone for document and payment requests so that you can move in as quickly as possible. If your agent has not responded to a question for 24 hours, during bank hours, please contact the Foundation via the contact us page. Thank you

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