House Rules

Updated: April 4, 2023

1. Financial Literacy and Meetings:

In 2024 all residents will be required to subscribe to The Normalize Money Project & Show. These lessons will help you increase your chances of employment, stay on budget, fix or build your credit score, create a move-out plan, and more. We are happy to help roommates pair off and purchase or lease their own homes after 12 months if they qualify.

All houses have one required house meeting weekly or monthly to ensure commonality. If you are in a sober living house, you will have several required meetings per week.

2. Rent:

Bed rent and utility share (as applicable) are due on the 1st of each month. If you have approval to pay weekly, and you are paying weekly on the day that you arrived, you can pay that to the house manager and request a photo receipt to be text from them to you and cc the foundation on a group text during the exchange. There is a $5 per day late fee and payments are applied in the order in which they are received.

3. Non payment:

After 3 days of non-payment or carrying a balance, a 7-day notice is issued and your entry codes are changed. Please be sure to put your rent in your personal safe and save it to pay for your housing on-time. If you lose your job or need sponsorship please let the foundation know that right away. 

4. Abandonment:

If you are gone for more than 24 hours without contacting the foundation via text or email, or you abandon your belongings, they will be packed up and your emergency contact will have 14 days to pick them up, after which they are donated to the nearest church and your deposit will be used to clean up your abandoned space, change locks and replace keys. 

5. Length of stay/ Moving out:

You may stay and pay for one week minimum and up to two years maximum. In our standard housing agreement, you can leave at any time. Please provide us with a 7-day written courtesy notice. 

6. Refunds:

There are no refunds for background checks, bed rent, or utilities paid in advance, however, your deposit may be returned in full to your original payment method if you leave no trash or belongings in your space(s) or the common areas when you depart, and return the furniture, keys and house in the same condition as received. Photos are taken before and after each new resident. A return of deposit will usually hit your account 14 days after exit. 

7. Police: 

If the police remove you from the house or you no longer qualify for housing due to drugs, violence, sexual misconduct, arson, parole, or lack of payment, your deposit will be used to clean up your previous space, change locks and replace keys. Your entry codes will be changed immediately. You will be notified that you have been exited from the house and your emergency contact will be contacted to come and pick up your belongings within 14 days. If they abandon your belongings, they will be donated to the nearest church.

8. Rooms and shared areas must be kept clean at all times: make your bed daily and clean up after yourself including putting away laundry, food, and dishes in real-time. Keep the walkways clear, and do not move the furniture or use spaces that are reserved for other residents.

9. Residents are responsible for completing shared house chores: dishes must be sanitized using the dishwasher and food stored in assigned kitchen areas in real-time. Trash must be disposed of in proper garbage bags and taken to the curb each week.

10. Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside. You must be at least 20 feet from the structure and leave no trace. You may consider a large concrete area. 

11. Candles, deep-fat fryers, individual heating units, fire hazards, and individual refrigerators are not allowed on the premises. Room inspections are as needed. The maintenance crew stops by regularly, as needed, to upkeep the property.

12. No illicit drugs or irresponsible alcohol use. Labeled prescriptions may be stored in the safe attached to the dresser near the bed.

13. Physical violence, sexual misconduct, perceived dishonesty, or threats will not be tolerated. 

14. No lending, borrowing, or stealing; this includes food, drink, and bathroom items. 

15. Children and pets are only allowed with previous written approval from Katie's House Foundation and must be watched and cleaned up after in real-time, by their legal guardian or assigns, at all times.

16. Each resident has an assigned laundry day for clothes and linens. The bed linens belong to the bed. Wash yourself and your linens weekly at a minimum. Do not share your linens or leave them lying around. Put your linens away in your closet to keep the shared house tidy. You may dry damp towels in the dryer, on proper hanging racks, or on your plastic laundry basket.

17. Do not wash dishes in the bathroom, or keep food or drinks in your room. 

18. Respectful guests are only allowed if approved by all housemates in writing, in advance. It is a shared house, so respect for all residents comes first. Guests must be accompanied by the resident at all times.

19. Use your house security codes and lock up at all times, day and night. Do not share any of your keys or security codes with anyone at any time.

20. Vehicles need to be operational. Only one vehicle per resident and no car parts or working on vehicles at the house or on the street. Take the bus or walk as necessary. Lyft and shuttles are often available for free if you explain your situation and use it for work or medical appointments.


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