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Co-Living with Confidence: a Nonprofit Shared Housing Master Class

Co-Living with Confidence: a Nonprofit Shared Housing Master Class

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If you are looking to leave a legacy or make a social impact this e-course is for you!

After spending more than $50,000 in education at workshops, meetings, and real-world experience, we are thrilled to share this important class with future and current co-living, shared home or sober living operators!

These 12 hours are jam-packed with how to start and operate a co-living house, sober living home, halfway house, shared house or residential nonprofit shelter, including nearly 100 operational documents to save you big bucks and time! You can view the full curriculum here and get started right away!

Your legacy home (or foundation) could be used to help young adults, working-class folks, veterans, aged out foster care, divorced men, battered women, the elderly on fixed income, and others who need housing. It's also helpful for tiny-home villages and low-income apartments!!

You might be wondering which at-risk population you want to help, and if an LLC or nonprofit 501c3 is better, and if you are, you are on the right track!

Although you can make a healthy cash flow ($1200 per bed per month x 10 beds in a single-family home) there is risk involved so it's important to have the right tools including a hard money lender, underwriter, police officer, court liaison, insurance broker, nonprofit and real estate attorney. We have done the leg work for you so your mission can take flight!

If you are ready to get started, just check-out now, and then keep an eye on your email for the class codes and documents. You should expect them the following business day after purchase. 

🌟 As Katie's House Foundation is a 501c3 you could consider making a donation in lieu of a product purchase, or you could ask your employer to pay for this e-course! If you still aren't sure, contact us to request access codes to one class at a time!

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