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The Normalize Money Project®

The Normalize Money Project® - Night Class

The Normalize Money Project® - Night Class

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Obtaining this very specific financial education can prevent a lifetime cycle of co-dependency and potential for homelessness and addiction. 

This night class costs $100 to enroll, $20 per class per person, and $35 per person for the graduation networking dinner ($375 total for 13 weeks). Some money is returned to students when we play Deal or No Deal.

In 2025 there will be twelve 90 minute classes (7 to 8:30 pm) and a graduation dinner, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. If you are not in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, you may join us on YouTube for the passive version of this course.

Contact Us to sign up for this vital course, or sign up your teenager! Ages 15 and 16 have been our most popular age-bands, before they buy a car or try to get a job! After your purchase, we will email you the follow business day for information related to the student.

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